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Stacey K.

Dr. Kim is considered one of the top dentists in Oahu and Honolulu Magazine rated him one of the Best in the city in their “Best Doctors” Issue . He also was voted by his peers as top dentist this year. He was very helpful in explaining everything, I didn’t have to wait when I arrived or during anytime of my visit. The office is efficient but not rushed. It’s clean, bright, almost on the verge of being a dental spa? I think my room even had a view.. or it was the pain killers talking.

Haein P.

If you’re ever looking for a dentist that is extremely qualified, professional, and unbelievably warm, look no further! Dr. Brian Kim and his staff are the best of the best.

From the moment you walk into his office until the moment you walk out (even after a root canal), you feel calm and taken care of.

Kyla G.

I have Dr. Kim as my dentist since seven years ago. He is the best dentist that I ever had. He does not only treat my current problems, but also help me preventing any future problem!!!

Chris G.

Wonderful staff, great experience. Staff had me wait outside until they were ready for me. Clearly they are taking COVID seriously, the staff checked my temperature and had me sanitize my hands before bringing me back to the dentist. The dentist was very nice, and Dr. Kim quickly took care of my problem. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Everyone hates the dentist so you might as well go to a nice one!

Russell T.

My first time with Brian Kim was a breeze.
He was very patient in assuring you on what procedures would be best and what to expect. He was very detailed.
I was like the drive thru, your in and out of their with a new crown!
Since then I have been referring friends and clients to him. We all live busy lives and Brian made it effortless and was very efficient.
Thanks Brian and staff!

Carlton Y.

Great experience. No pain. Very thorough cleaning with Jamie the hygienist. Also she was very thorough on explaining proper flossing technique and water picking techniques. Dr. Brian has all the most advanced technology. I am back for another cleaning, mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding, fixing some fillings and cavities. They took detailed photos of my mouth and went over tooth by tooth what needed correcting. Dr. Kim also correctly identified where I grind my teeth, showed me the wet and tear I was causing without me saying anything. I highly recommend Dr. Kim and his team. His prices are very reasonable for such a detailed service. He only recommends what is in your best interest. He also changed my view of how I view my dental care allowing me to play a greater role in ensuring healthy teeth. My gums no longer hurt. Kayla, Jamie, Daun, and Dr. BRIAN KIM DDS are the best. I recommend everyone to them.

A S.

I enjoy coming to Dr. Kim’s Office because there is a private parking structure, the office is conveniently in town on Makaloa Street and the staff is friendly and thorough with everything.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Kim for about 2 years and before then, he was my mother’s dentist. Since a child, I was always getting cavities and I’ve had extractions, crowns done, root canals, you name it. He was the first doctor to really inspect my teeth and noticed that I have teeth that are prone to cavities. He recommends me the best options for my teeth and suggests over the counter products to help me with my situations. If I ever have a question or issues, he’s always answers them without hesitation.
The hygienist is also very kind and also thorough. Too bad I only get to see her twice a year :p

Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Kim’s office, its always been a pleasure. Sometimes I forget when my appointment is and someone is always calling me a day in advance to let me know when I am scheduled.

Randi J.

You know that funny feeling in your stomach when you think about your next cleaning? Yeah, that’ll never happen if Dr. Kim is your dentist. 😀 Everyone who works here is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

– Top of the line equipment. Lots of techie stuff I haven’t seen elsewhere.

– Massage chair in checkup/examination rooms.

– Office is very clean without feeling sterile.

– Doctor Kim and hygienists throughly and understandably explain procedures and how to continue good oral care at home.

– Excellent customer service.

– Not a big deal for me because I know how *awesome* Dr. Kim and his staff are but…he’s listed in Honolulu Magazine’s “Hawaii’s Best Dentists” issue for the past two years. His website has links to the articles.

I always leave my appointments feeling good about my clean and bright smile…even if they scold me for not flossing as often as I should.

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